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Avon Spring Lineup Preview!

Meet Cassie Brown from Sassy's Sweets...

My name is Cassie Brown I’m a full time social studies teacher and owner of a home bakery known as Sassy’s Sweets. I started baking more as a way to decompress after the work week and created baked goods my family, friends, and co-workers would enjoy. I began taking requests which led me to try new recipes and perfect them as time went on. After being the go to baker for most people in my life, I got the idea to venture out to sell these baked goods for even more people to enjoy!

I have been seriously focused on my baking skill set for the past three years, taking classes and practicing my skill set but only began selling in the last year. 

My inspiration to create usually derives from requests of my family or friends, especially those with allergies that have difficulty having traditional baked goods found in most stores and bakeries. I enjoy recreating baked goods with ingredients they can safely consume! 
I got into baking by trying to recreate nostalgic recipes from my childhood that my mom or grandmothers created. Once I realized how much I enjoyed it as a way to decompress and how much joy it brought others, it really began to become more of an elaborate hobby!

My creative process usually involves me taking successful parts of other recipes, talking to family about flavors or recipes they enjoy, then looking online for further inspiration to create the final product. 
My five year goal.. in five years, I hope to still be a home baker with a consistent client base. 

The message behind my work is one of commitment to quality and a dedication to not just excellent quality baked goods with traditional ingredients but also to allergy friendly goods that most people can enjoy!

Meet Angel from Macrame Revival...
Hey everyone I'm Angel from Macrame Revival. I first heard of macrame several years ago from my hairdresser when she showed me a photo of a hanging she liked. I said I don't know what that is but I need to learn it. I really got into it about two years ago. However, I didn't start doing any shows until last year.
I've always had the crafty gene, which I got from my mom, although, she only made jewelry. I decided to start with knitting after I had my 2nd child about 24 years ago. I learned by reading a book, which was difficult because there werent any video tutorials back then! Once I got tired of knitting I moved on to crochet, which I also learned by reading books. I stuck with that because I found it much easier than knitting.  

Every time I get bored of a craft I try to learn a new one which is how I started learning macrame. I fell head over heels in love and never turned back. I am however considering adding in some weaving to my projects. 
I would describe my style as boho chic mixed with a little disco queen (I love disco balls). At the end of the day I just want to put a smile on your face when you look at my products. If this interests you, stop by and see what I have to offer! 

I'm excited to be in my very first Avant-Garde show April 20th and can't wait to meet you. You can check out my socials if you'd like to see more. I do tutorials on Tik Tok, I also have Facebook and Instagram accounts where I post my finished projects.

Meet Marie Doris from Rie's Original Art...
I'm a newly semi-retired hospital eeg, stress technician at Southwest hospital. I now watch my granddaughter full time during the school year.
I've just recently started my painting journey, I started updating furniture for family and friends around 4 years ago.  Last spring, when I ran out of furniture lol, I decided to try painting on canvas.I have always had an interest in art, and I am so glad I pursued this.

This will be my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show, I hope it will be the first of many. This is more of an enjoyable hobby than a business!

2024 Avon Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, April 20, 2024
Emerald Event Center
33040 Just Imagine Dr.
Avon, Ohio 44011
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Friday, November 24, 2023

Jump Start Your Holiday Shopping!

 Meet Lesley Jones from Cafe L Spice Blends...

In 2017, I created a Curry powder blend to give to my food-loving mates at work. They loved that first blend and I discovered I loved the creative process: researching, grinding, measuring, adjusting and ultimately the total sensory experience of Spice and the magic it brings to the Table. Our world of diverse cultures and cuisines offers endless inspiration. Hence, that one blend in 2017 became four and at last count fourteen. 

My spice adventure began many years ago when I had my first Indian meal. I fell in love with the food and the flavors and I had to find out how to cook like that. Back then, the Food Network was very different than it is now. There were cooking shows on ALL DAY. So when I had to spend three months at home recovering from a knee injury, I became acquainted with Emeril, Martha, Mario, Rachel, Alton, the original Iron Chef show and so many others. I was in cooking heaven. Then came the travel shows with Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain introducing me to a whole new world of different food cultures.
This will be my first show with Avant-Garde and I am so excited! I love chatting with people about using spice. Honestly, talking about food and cooking is one of my favorite things to do! Many folks I meet are hesitant about using spice. They say “I don’t know what to use it in.” Trying new flavors shouldn’t be scary. I tell them there are no rules. Chinese Five Spice doesn’t have to be used in just Chinese dishes. Sprinkle some on the burgers you’re grilling. Add some Adobo to your mac & cheese. You won’t know if it works for you unless you try it!
My mission has always been to introduce my fellow home cooks to spice blends that will enhance their meals. Try new flavors. Make it bold or subtle or somewhere in between. Cafe L Spice Blends are authentic and full of flavor.

Meet Carole Adipietro from Sticks and Stones Candle Co...
Hello!  My name is Carole Adipietro and I’ve always loved making arts and crafts! I wanted to learn how to make candles, so I started to research the process and spent almost one year producing many different combinations of candle containers, wax, wicks and fragrance oils before finding the best option for me and my values. 

I’ve been selling candles for two years and my focus is to use products that are earth-friendly which is why I chose a coconut/soy blend wax for candles and fire-starters, and 100% soy wax for wax melts.  I use great care in selecting fragrance oils as well.  None of my products contain paraffin, phthalates or vanillins.

This is my first Avant-Garde craft fair of which I’m excited to participate in! I really like selling at craft fairs throughout my community because it’s so nice to see the expressions on people’s faces when they smell the different scents of candles that I offer! I am a vendor in two local consignment shops as well.

While I currently work full-time, I’ve been giving thought to future retirement, which will include expanding my candle business and volunteering for food delivery to seniors and shut-ins.

Meet Dalia Hamed from Craftopia...

Craftopia is the collaborative creation of a distinctive mom and her three creative daughters, all passionate and skilled in crafting handmade soft plushies and elegant accessories. 

Our journey in the American market over the past 8 months has been incredible. We've had the privilege of participating in five successful Avant-Garde Art & Craft Shows, fueled by our dedication to artistic excellence and inspiration.

2023 Avon Winter Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, November 25
Emerald Event Center
33040 Just Imagine Drive
Avon, OH 44011
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Your Weekend Shopping Guide!

Meet David Bornancin from David Bornancin Paintings...

Hi! I’m a local artist and creator. I come from a background of software and technology sales, and I am also a career coach. I enjoy writing, blogging, video and audio editing, and, of course, drawing and painting! My mission is to make art work and paintings available and affordable for everyone. I’m from Fairview Park, Ohio, but I have lived in Westlake for many years. My journey with painting started roughly 15 years ago when my wife became ill and I became her primary caregiver. During the day, I worked for 15 hours, and in my downtime, I would transform my drawings into paintings.

I used to have a small studio in California, where I started selling my paintings and commission work. My wife passed away in 2017 and I decided to retire from the software world in 2018 and commit totally to my Art Work.

I mostly use acrylic paints on canvas, but I also create many 3D type pieces. I’m very excited to be participating in my first Avant-Garde Art and Craft Show in Avon, Ohio. For 2023, I have other shows and events planned, and I am looking to expand my reach with other Avant-Garde shows!

I have a passion for people and art, and I enjoy building a connection with my work by helping people pick out the right paintings for them. The great thing about art is having a vision, a passion and a very creative mind to bring together the vast amounts of colors and ideas.

My body of work expands to abstract, expressionism, interpretive, impressionism, primitive, and modern. I hope that in five years, I am doing more live shows, where I can display some of my most unique 3D pieces in Galleries. At the moment, I only do two commission pieces a year, but I hope to have the time to expand that to 3 projects a year.

My Paintings come from history, traveling and places and the excitement I see in people’s faces when they pick out and purchase one of my paintings. For me it was never about the money but building a strong connection with others from around the world.
I have traveled all over the world, so my message for people, and art and craft lovers is be open to all types of art and creations, and to always treat people with respect and honor. No matter who you are or where you come from, I will always talk to you, to offer coaching and advice in the world of art!

Meet Aracelys Figueroa from Just.a.Brush.of.Art...

I am 24 years old, a wife of 1 year as of February and a stay-at-home mom of 2- soon to be 3- kids! I am a self taught painter. After I had my first kid, I lost some interest in painting, but, a few months ago I found my love for the art once again! I decided to branch out and started doing more than just canvases, like I used to. In high school, I painted the school halls. Now I paint glass, wood, purses, jars, and random objects I find! I love being a mother and wife, but I want to find myself as a person. I want to find a way of doing something I love to make money to help my family! I want to find people who also like my work and support me! Painting has helped me grow a lot as a person.

I started off drawing in middle school, but I've been painting since high school. Part of why I got back into painting is because I want my kids to one day find something they love and not give up on it. 

I don't remember much on why I started drawing because I was so young. I just remember filling my walls with my drawings to where you couldn't even see the walls. I would play music and get lost in the drawings. I could go for hours. After painting trees on the walls of my room, I started painting the walls of my high school. Then, I started on canvases, and it slowly became more into random things to paint. Painting is something I can control and create, but I also never know how something might actually turn out, which can be stressful but so exciting! I find painting to be a great distraction from my mind and all the pressure of the world. 

When I paint, I don't have much of a process. I just try to find objects that would look good with whatever design I have in mind. Sometimes I don't even have ideas, I just think it would be fun to paint the object. Often, it'll sit around for a little while till something comes to mind. Once I start, though, I tend to sit in my art room and paint for hours without noticing. I frequently keep painting until my husband tells me it's getting late!

This is going to be my first Avant-Garde Show, and I hope in the future to do more events! To expand my career, I hope to one day get a website, so I can ship my art work to other states. I hope to grow my talent and find others who enjoy my work and support me in trying to get my art out for others to see!

I hope to remind people to have fun! My personal art style is more cartoon like and colorful, because I want to put a smile on people's faces and add just a pop of color in this world!

Meet Karen and Heidi from Diengie...

As a mother-daughter team, we design and create goods for little ones and women using new and repurposed fabrics. Diengie was first in business from 2008-2015. We made bags and accessories using burlap from coffee bean bags and repurposed fabrics. After a seven year break, Diengie was reborn in 2022. Over the past year we have gradually switched over to making more products for little ones.

We first started out wanting to find a way to use our talents to create a business that would generate an income. Sewing has long been in the family. Our family has been creating fabric goods in various forms for generations. We started honing our skills at early ages and there has never really been a time in our lives when we haven't been sewing and creating.

As a partnership we both bring skills and ideas to the table. We always talk through any ideas we have for new products. Usually, the one who first had the idea begins the process of trial and error in hopes of ending up with a finished product that can be added to our lineup. Our love for little ones and their mamas, our desire for a blend of practicality and beauty, and a drive to minimize our consumer consumption and production waste inspires us to create.

We first started out wanting to find a way to use our talents to create a business that would generate an income. Sewing has long been in the family. Our family has been creating fabric goods in various forms for generations. We started honing our skills at early ages and there has never really been a time in our lives when we haven't been sewing and creating. One day, we'd love to have our own brick and mortar to reach more people!

The message behind our work is twofold: We want to create products that blend practicality and beauty, and we want to produce goods that generate as little waste as possible! This is our first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show, and we are looking forward to being part of the show! We hope to continue adding to our little ones product line and increase our retail and wholesale sales. 

Meet Gwen J. of Handmaiden by GwenJ LLC...

I design Macrame handbags & Accessories (Sandals) that are one of a kind leaving a lasting impression. I have been designing bags since I was in 7th grade from my favorite teacher. She taught home economics in Atmore, Alabama, where I'm originally from. Her lesson on macrame was one of the best things I ever learned, and it inspired me to create. Her lessons started me on my dream, but I kept going outside of class, using my free time to expand my skill in macrame to higher and higher levels. 

In 2008, I turned my love of crafting into a proper business. I keep creating because I love fashion, and I love the accessories that pull outfits together. I find that I work on my art best after work. I am an electrical and computer engineer, and the job requires having an abstract and creative mind, which helps keep my mind flowing with ideas. The mathematics portion of the job is incorporated into my handbags. I hope to one day set up a boutique in Crocker Park, and to have my products in major couture boutiques in LA, NY and Miami, and more! I hope that my bags leave lasting impressions and are used as a conversational piece!

2023 Avon Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, April 22 
Emerald Event Center
33040 Just Imagine Drive
Avon, OH 44011
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving Preview!

Meet Lisa Madden...

I live in North Ridgeville and have for the past 15 years.  Before that in N. Olmsted and Mayfield Village.  I graduated from Notre Dame College with a BA in Graphic Communication.  While at Notre Dame, I took Ceramics One and Two.  Did so well, the school created a third, more advanced, class, and I was the only student!  Won first place in their annual art show one year for a painting I did, and another year won a special award for a clay dinnerware set I designed.

Eventually got a job with NASA as the Macintosh Engineer (not even close to anything in art), and worked for 20 years both at Glenn Research Center here in OH, and also Goddard Space Flight Center in MD.  Retired in 2018 and moved back to OH.

I have a studio for my pottery in my home and an electric kiln in the garage. I have two adult children, a son in Mayfield Hts., and a daughter in Sommerville, ME.  NO pets at this time. Overall have been playing in clay for about 35 years.  I do all hand building as my arthritis is so bad cannot stay bent over a wheel for very long.  Besides, I still like to paint, so do a lot of painting on my pots, especially plates and tiles.

Before moving to MD, I did participate in several Avant-Garde shows, maybe 3-4.  But this one in Avon is first since moving back to OH.  I am currently represented at Bay Arts Center in Bay Village, and Burning River Boutique in Vermilion.  I also do the Bay Village/Westlake Rotary Art show every July.  AND go back to MD, where I am in the Montgomery Potters group (I do their monthly newsletter) and we hold “pottery tours” where we set up outside someone’s home.

What inspires me.. I love color, and creating pots with vibrant colors that can still be used for more than decoration, gets me going!!

How I discovered my talent.. In the college classes, it was evident early on I had an eye for color and shape, and loved the pliable clay.  I’ve since taken classes in MD, doing outside firing, called raku, mask making, and other fun endeavors.  I took a class sponsored by Amaco years ago, and what I made, the teacher wanted to keep to take on the road to inspire others.  That made me feel really good!!!

My creative process... I have to be in the mood, and have the time to put into making pieces so they turn out as I envisioned.  I do a lot of the drawings ahead of time, then transfer them to the clay.  This way if I need to change something it is much easier than once the design is already on the pot.  I also like using items from nature and make a lot of dishes from leaves, or use tree branches for handles, etc.

My five year goal.. I would love to be in more galleries.  I have had two commissions from a Federal Agency in Wash., DC, and commissions from out of state friends, plus one of my large masks is now hanging in the house of the daughter of a TV producer!

Meet Dave Simon from from Dave Writes and Draws...  
I'm an ad agency creative director by day, illustrator and writer by night (and weekends). 

I started selling artwork in high school, so I guess I've been putting pen and pencil, and now Apple Pencil, to paper/screen for about 45 years. This is my second Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show.
What inspires me to create.. I get inspired by lots of things, from animals and nature to books and movies. I've been drawing since I was a little kid. When I realized you could make a living doing it, that was just a bonus.

How I discovered my talent.. From an early age, I could draw just a little better than my classmates. 
My creative process.. I don't usually sit down to work unless I have an idea that's begging to be realized. 

You can learn more about me and my work ad I also have a redbubble shop with artwork mostly inspired by iconic books, authors, and movies at And a few samples of my work are attached.

Meet Phil Haller from Blue Heron Ceramics...
I am a part time potter trying to juggle working full time and pursuing my pottery passion.

I started this adventure with my daughter (pictured) in 2016.  We had taken a random pottery class together and I haven't stopped yet.  Covid put the brakes on her taking classes, but someday soon I hope she will join me again.
This will be my first Avant-Garde show.
The idea of taking a lump of clay and creating something that people use every day is just completely awesome.
Question 5 and 6 are both tied in with taking a random class with my daughter.

My creative process is blending glazes together to create a beautiful piece of pottery that will last for years.
In five years i see my business exactly what I'm doing with this show.  Creating beautiful pieces and sharing with whomever should take an interest in my work.

Meet Courtney Cook from Boardroom Charcuterie Boards and Trays...
I’ve always been a creative but just now finding my true passion. I’ve been making boards for over a year now but I’ve always been an artist .

Life and colors is what inspires me to create.
How I got into my craft.. The idea came to me in a dream!

My creative process.. The first step is always finding what colors I want to use, although a lot of my work is custom so the colors are already chosen 

My five year goal... I would love to have a small gallery/retail space.

2022 Avon Winter Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, November 26, 2022
Emerald Event Center
33040 Just Imagine Dr.
Avon, Ohio 44011
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Avon Spring Lineup Preview!

Meet Cassie Brown from Sassy's Sweets... My name is Cassie Brown  I’m a full time social studies teacher and owner of a home bakery know...