Friday, April 16, 2021

Spring Has Sprung in Avon!

 Meet Kayleigh Stewart, owner of Soy Clean Candle Co. 

I am a house cleaner by day and a candle maker by night. I have four children and own a cleaning business full time.  This is my third or fourth Avant-Garde Art and Craft Show.  I am newer at this craft but fell in love with it right away. 

I always loved going to Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works and smelling all of the candles. I realized that they have a lot of chemicals and dyes in them. I wanted to make a healthier alternative so I started making natural candles. I have always been crafty. It's my creative outlet. 
I discovered my talent by just giving it a shot one day and was ready to try something different. My creative processes usually begins with trying out various essential oils and mixing them together to create new scents. It is fun getting creative with different scents. For the future of the business, I am doing it for fun and will see where it goes. 
Soy candles have so many more advantages than traditional candles made from paraffin. Lower soot levels help maintain pure air quality. Soy wax has given consumers the ability to burn cleaning burning candles from pure sustainable sources. They burn clean and smell amazing!

Meet Jonathan and Hallie Schodowski, owners of Water Dog Woodworking
They are a husband and wife duo that have been designing their own small furniture and home decor for over two years. Their business was born from their love for DIY projects and the fun they've had renovating and decorating their home together. Our company name and brand were built around our water dog Beau, a one-year-old golden retriever who made the perfect addition to our little family in March last year. We started our Etsy store in January of this year. This is our first Avant-Garde Show! We're excited to see how it goes and sign up for more events in 2021. 
Jonathan is the mastermind and lead creator behind all of our products. He got into woodworking as a hobby over the past couple of years, and this hobby grew substantially in the early days of quarantine last year. It first started with a few small home decor items for our first house together, and then he started creating small gifts for others. Jonathan has always loved working with his hands and spent his childhood helping his dad with projects around the house. When Hallie comes to him with any home redesign ideas now, his response is always "I can fix that" or "I can do that" - no project is too big! These household projects quickly turned into smaller decor projects, and we realized others might want similar items for their home, and that's how the business was born!
In the midst of quarantine in spring of last year, Jonathan started playing around with creating blanket ladders and plant shelves and realized he had quite a knack for designing decor from start to finish. Hallie and Jonathan both have a lot of ideas, so there's plenty of daily discussion about new products or how to improve existing products. From there, they will draw a few design options, and Jonathan will get to work creating prototypes.
We hope to grow our business by increasing product offerings and also be able to do more custom/special order work. Since we're just starting out, we have a lot of opportunity for growth and we're excited to see where this takes us! Our goal is to provide simple, timeless home decor that is functionally unique. We have a passion for home decor and we're excited to share our creations!

Meet Jennifer Koran owner of The Easton Basket Co. 
I grew up in Solon, Ohio, where my mother and father still reside in my childhood home. Since I was a little girl, I always loved creating and learning new skills. These traits have stuck with me throughout my life and continue to inspire me in my work today. My background is in floral and gift basket design, I have worked in the industry for 25+ years and specializes in large events. I am also the lead holiday designer at my job. Furthermore, I have owned my own gift basket company since 2010. This has since morphed into a gourmet food basket and candle company.
I started candle-making last October when I was looking to incorporate candles into my gift baskets. I kept researching and researching only to turn up short. Either the quality was poor or the pricing was outrageous. That's when I had my aha moment -- I can make candles myself! I began a long but rewarding journey learning and experimenting. A lot goes into the whole candle-making side of the business, but I love the creative process. I also love numbers and calculations, so for me, it’s very enjoyable to work. 
I’m inspired by color, texture, scent, nature, and organic materials. I love the idea of creating a feeling or mood. I’m also very passionate about using products that can be repurposed. My candle vessels, soy wax,  fragrance, and wicks are made with real materials such as concrete, reclaimed glass, cork, carved wood, hand-thrown pottery, and cotton. When the life of a candle is over, it's important to me that the vessel can still be repurposed. My pottery can be used as a floral vase or pen/pencil holder, the carved wood dough bowls can later be used as a jewelry keeper, for keys, a catch-all, or to keep as a stand-out piece with some moss added. I can also re-pour a new candle into any of my vessels. 
My creative process is to think about what my clients may like, what I may like, what scents take us to that special moment or mood, and how can I contribute to an environment of escape and beauty. I’ve chosen to work with 100% soy that is dye-free, slow-burning, and very long-lasting. I believe in high-quality products. I will never sacrifice any of my products with lesser ingredients or materials. I see my future as a bright one, getting to know my clients, and meet or exceed their expectations. I will continue to grow in the retail market and hope to have a production facility so I can bring my candles to everyone. I believe in the personal touch and cherish the fact that I can bring a little beauty into the hearts and homes of others with a truly healthy and guilt-free product. This will be my first Avant-Garde show, and I’m looking forward to being a part of The Avant-Garde family.

Meet Kathy Reed, the owner of Unique Tink Designs
Right now I work in an office full time as a graphic designer designing gift cards for merchants, but I'd rather make jewelry! I've always dabbled in a bit of jewelry making for myself but started the business in early 2019 and craft shows in mid-2019. This will be my second Avant-Garde Show (due to COVID), but hopefully more to come.
I've always been creative. It's just in me and in one way or another I'm always creating something.  Whether it's sewing, working in photoshop, decorating my home, and now jewelry making.  I specialize in bracelets...I love bracelets and love making them! After realizing how enjoyable jewelry making was to me, and my end results, I knew I could sell my designs. I then searched for the local craft shows.
I love working with Czech glass beads.  I pull out the focal beads, and it all falls into place.  I always make sure I have what's needed to create the design.  I'm a perfectionist and I think it shows in my work. Hopefully, I will be retiring from my full-time job and head down to Florida.  I hope to sell at a boutique(s) while down there and of course some craft shows. I believe my designs are very unique.  Unique designs for the unique individual.  I try to give a unique edge to the customer who prefers designs off the beaten path.

Meet Lynn Pelka, the owner of Lynn Patricia Designs 
Creating my handbags and accessories brings me much joy.  I love working with the fabrics and textures making a classy-looking handbag that may be just right for you.  We, as women, look for a handbag that is specific to our needs whether it has pockets, zipper closer a certain kind of strap/handle.  I create my handbags with a full front pocket to hold all your important items at your fingertips with soft webbing handles for a comfortable fit.  Also offered are handmade zipper pouches, wristlets, and mini as well as special character handbags for the little girl in your life.

Even though I’ve been sewing since childhood, my business began when I launched an Etsy store in 2011 listing at that time my very colorful handbags, tea bag wallets, and water bottle totes.  With experience over the years, my design has settled down to a more classic handbag style in neutral colors.   Things have blossomed and I am now established both at indoor and outdoor shows. 

It is always a pleasure meeting and chatting with those who stop at my booth.  The future looks bright with the hopes to one day retire from my day job as an office manager at a dental practice and participate in as many shows as possible.  

I’ve found the Avant-Garde shows to be expertly done with vendors who produce beautiful and interesting items making for an enjoyable shopping experience.  Hoping you enjoy your day here at the show and be sure to stop by and introduce yourself as one who has read this blog.

Meet Laura Barth from Organic Truth Finds
My husband and I are happily married living on the website with our dog Rory. I enjoy being in nature, going on hikes, and being around family and friends. I am a full-time hairstylist and recently just started making suncatchers on the side. This is my very first time participating in the Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show.
Lifting people's spirits inspires me to create. Since I was a little girl I've always enjoyed making arts and crafts. As I got older I realized my art makes people happy and that's what really drove me in. Two Christmas's ago I had the vision to make sun catchers and sold them in my hair studio, and when I saw how my clients reacted to them I knew I was on to something.
My creative process starts with calming music and I flow through that energy. I see myself continuing to enjoy making crafts that people enjoy. The message behind my work is to show people that true beauty lies within us and to know that our angels are always near.

2021 Avon Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, April 17, 2021
Emerald Event Center
33040 Just Imagine Dr.
Avon, Ohio 44011
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Friday, December 20, 2019

Last Minute Holiday Shopping in Avon!

Meet Hanna Porcher of 1 Little Letter...
Mark enjoys woodworking and the creative process that it provides. When not woodworking, he works for his business, A Modern Touch, LLC as an independent contractor. Hanna is a first grade teacher and loves the gift of working with first grade students each day. We began our family business in 2016. Mark has been working on the concept of 1 Little Letter for about three years. Initially he only built for family and friends.

When we are not working, we love to spend time with our two boys, Camden and Connor. As a family, we love spending time together, going to sporting events, and traveling. 

Mark is the creative mind behind this project and is always inspired by family and friends. Handwritten notes have always been meaningful for our family. When our grandparents passed away, what was most meaningful for us were the handwritten notes, cards, and recipe files. Reading through the notes and cooking grandma’s old recipes brings back many happy and fulfilling memories for our family. We were inspired by this to begin a new tradition for our two boys. On special occasions and birthdays, we write personal notes to each child. Our notes to them highlight special memories from the year; things that they’ve done that make us proud, things that made us laugh, and things that have had meaningful impact on our lives. Our idea is for this to be a collection of life for our boys. A collection of sweet memories and notes that they will be able to relive when they are older. Notes from people who we have sadly lost in life, but the memory remains hidden in these boxes.

When Mark gets an idea, he draws it out on paper first. He goes through many scenarios with his ideas and shares with family. He then begins building and modifying as he goes. We want to have an established product that is available for families to create memories and build new traditions with. Family is our core. We hope that others see this and find inspiration to begin new traditions with their families and a 1 Little Letter Keepsake box.  

This will be our first show with Avant-Garde and we couldn't be more excited!

Meet Denise Sutek of Designs by Denise...
I am a retired corporate human resource representative.  As I was figuring out my next journey,  I realized that at one point in my life I was making jewelry and was enjoying it.  So, the journey to making fun, simplistic and wearable with anything jewelry began.
I've been doing this now for about three years, if you don't take into account the years I did this when I was in my twenties.  Then life came along, full-time job, marriage and children. This will be my second Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show.

My inspiration.. My mother was extremely creative and I think I have this inner calling. I got into this very early on, even as a small child, I would attend craft shows.   As early as grade school, I can remember attending a craft class and learned to cane.

My creative process.. I basically lay out my designs, walk away and come back (more than a couple of times) until I see exactly what it should look like and I go from there.
The message behind my work is  fun, simplistic, wearable with anything including fine jewelry.   If you like the look, wear it.

For the holiday season, I have added Christmas Coasters - just because it is the HOLIDAYS

Meet Michelle Black of Ava Rei...

I'm a Mama of a beautiful one year old wild child. Her dad and I are obsessed with her and she pretty much is our whole world. In fact, my shop is named after her - Ava Rei. Full time I work in Human Resources and in my spare time (when I have it) I decided to try out crafting. I really love to be able to create custom home items as well as some items I think everyone would enjoy! I've only been doing this style of crafting for under a year and am really excited each time I learn something new. 
This is my very first Avant-Garde show and I'm excited to see my business grow. Growing up, my family was always crafting but it wasn't until my friend started talking to me about how she crafts that I thought I could do this too! I am inspired by bits and pieces of designs that I see and love to design things that I would want in my own home. I can customize anything and I'd love to talk about making your Pinterest dreams come true! I'll be featuring my ornament hoop ornaments, can't wait to see you at the show.

Meet Erin Bruening of Spin Gourmet Cotton Candy..
I am a wife, mom, teacher and crafter.  I spin gourmet flavors of cotton candy and have tons of fun coming up with new flavors.  I also make, sell and teach string art in my hometown of Parma, Ohio. I have always been crafty and have dabbled with different medias.  Cotton candy is my newest, and most popular venture!
Being creative has always been a part of me. My wheels are ALWAYS turning! I LOVE attending shows, farmer's markets, and local hometown events.  I wanted to be a bigger part of it so I went the vendor route. I started being able to really work on my crafty ideas after my kids became teenagers.  More time to think:)
In give years, I'd love SPIN to be a name that people recognize and think fondly of. The message behind your work is: Eat the candy.

2019 Avon Winter Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, December 21, 2019
Emerald Event Center
33040 Just Imagine Dr.
Avon, Ohio 44011
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Friday, May 10, 2019

Meet your vendors, Avon!

Meet Susan Mariner from Kuddle Katz...
I'm a divorced mother of two with a chronic illness and crocheting is my therapy. I'm a retired hairstylist and nail tech of thirty years. Aside from crocheting, I enjoy golf, coffee, and classic movies. My boyfriend Mike got me into the craft. He said I needed a hobby and I always wanted to learn how to crochet. My grandma attempted to teach me when I was young, but it just didn't click. A few YouTube videos later and Kuddle Katz was born! My mom picked out the name. It’s been nine years and this will be my first Avant-Garde show!
I'm inspired by the wide variety of cat breeds. Their colors, textures, and patterns are beautiful. I also have two cats and their personalities provide plenty of inspiration. I started crocheting different amigurumi animals and realized I was pretty good once my daughter and mom started requesting lots of penguins, elephants, and giraffes. I then found a pattern for cats online. The pattern was for an animeko cat, based on the Japanese picture book Hello I am Animeko, the Story of a Crafty Crocheted Cat. I loved them, so I just started making them. They have evolved throughout the years, and I have made several changes to the original pattern. For example, I make the muzzles bigger and add hand-painted eyes to give the cats more character. 

It always starts with a trip to a yarn store! I like looking for unique colors, patterns, and textures of yarns. I then match various yarns and eyes to create a cat. Sometimes I have a specific cat breed in mind, a picture reference, or a particular color scheme I want to follow. It usually takes me a full day to crochet one cat. I consider crocheting a hobby and I just enjoy seeing people smile when they discover their cuddly companion. I hope I can continue to spread a little happiness with my crocheted cats. My message is that cats are awesome! Everyone could use a cat companion in their life. 

Meet Tracy Smoker from The Craft Momster...
I am a momgineer who likes crafting in my spare time. I have been making crafts of some variety for as long as I can remember, but this will be my first Avant-Garde show. I like to keep my hands busy, I like making nice looking things, and there’s some magic in taking things that were once individual components and creating something new and fun from them. I imagine I found this talent when my mom gave me a few craft supplies to see if I liked it, and the rest is history. 
The stories of my childhood crafting always include references to my parents hiding the tape and tissues in the house because I used anything I could get my hands on. They also knew my craft area floor was clean when you didn’t hear the vacuum sucking up beads or sequins anymore! I try to find inspiration in lots of different aspects of my life.  In January, I finished building a gallon jug igloo in our basement.  I got that idea from a link my mom shared with me on Facebook. Within the next five years, I will still be mom’ing and hope to still be crafting!

Meet Margo Coniam from South Shore Beach Glass...
Hello, I'm Margo!  I am a Radiation Therapist who lives in Avon Lake with two house rabbits. I love to travel and one of my favorite places that I have traveled to is Scotland. You will find that I incorporate a Celtic symbol, the spiral, in a number of my designs. I just started selling my jewelry this year and so far, the feedback has been really positive! This is my first show with Avant-Garde Art & Craft Shows and I am so excited about it!  
I was inspired to start this business when I went to the beach and was astonished by the beauty of these beach glass gems. They look like tiny jewels to me and it is amazing to think that nature took something that was thrown away and of no use to anyone and made it into something that is truly unique and beautiful. I like to imagine the history of each piece of glass; vintage bottles from rum runners, window panes from long-demolished houses, maybe pieces from the over 6,000 shipwrecks that litter the bottom of Lake Erie. Whatever their origin, I love that they are something that was genuinely made from this Great Lake and the stories they tell about this Great Lake!  
A few years ago I started collecting Lake Erie beach glass from local beaches.  At first my beach excursions were just a calming retreat at the end of a busy day.  However, while looking at my beach gems, the creative side of my brain took over and what resulted was my company, South Shore Beach Glass.  I take unique pieces of Lake Erie beach glass and turn them into jewelry and lamps.  What I love about beach glass is that no two pieces are the same and each piece has a unique history and story all its own. 
My creative process first begins on the beach where I will spend hours digging through the sand and wading into the surf to collect as much glass as I can find.  When I take these pieces home, I look at the shape and size of each of the different pieces to best determine what type of jewelry to make each piece into.  Earrings are definitely one piece that takes me longer to make as I have to find two similarly colored, sized and shaped pieces.  It can be a time-consuming process, but it is one that I love.  When I design the wire wraps for my jewelry, I tend to find that I draw a lot of creative ideas from Celtic symbols, specifically the spiral.  The spiral symbolizes growth, birth, and our path through life and reminds us of the circle of life.  Plus, it is a really fun design to make and to wear!  

Meet Kristin Gladish from J Austen Boutique Co...
My name is Kristin and I’m the owner of J Austen Boutique Co. and am very excited to be participating in the 2019 Avon Spring Avant-Garde Craft Show!

The design and style of my pieces were inspired by the elegant sophistication of the women of Jane Austen’s time. I combine casual elegance with whimsical beauty, creating pieces that are easy to wear but add a touch of “fancy” to any outfit.
Every item is handmade by me from a carefully chosen piece of vintage-style ribbon, Czech glass or rounded gemstone beads, and Georgian-era inspired charms.

As a stay at home mother of two, I’m very grateful to have found a creative outlet that I enjoy. I love making beautiful things and sharing them with others!

2019 Avon Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, May 11, 2019
Emerald Event Center
33040 Just Imagine Dr.
Avon, Ohio 44011
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Spring Has Sprung in Avon!

  Meet Kayleigh Stewart, owner of Soy Clean Candle Co.  I am a house cleaner by day and a candle maker by night. I have four children and ow...